District Message to Families

District Message to Families

Updated May 8, 2020

Dear Parents,

Summer School

Summer school will be online this year starting June 1st and ending on July 10th.

High School students needing credit recovery must complete and submit this Summer School Survey. It is very short and easy to submit. Once you submit the survey, your counselor will sign you up for summer school.

Middle school counselors will be reaching out to families who have children needing summer school in order to promote to the next grade level.


We have details for the graduation ceremonies!

June 29 at the Idaho Center: 

  • Vallivue Academy Graduation Ceremony

    • 8 am: rehearsal

    • 9 am: doors open to public

    • 10 am: ceremony starts

    • 11:30 am: ceremony ends/venue clears

  • Vallivue High School Graduation Ceremony

    • 12:30 pm: rehearsal

    • 1:30 pm: doors open to public

    • 2:30 pm: ceremony starts

    • 4:00 pm: ceremony ends/venue clears

  • Ridgevue High School Graduation Ceremony

    • 5:00 pm: rehearsal

    • 6:00 pm: doors open to public

    • 7:00 pm: ceremony starts

    • 8:30 pm: ceremony ends/venue clears

Families must exit the facility immediately following the ceremony where pictures and family meetups will take place outside to give the venue time to sanitize and setup for the next graduation.

Expanded Wifi Access for Students

During this COVID 19 pandemic, Vallivue School District and Caldwell School District are partnering to provide expanded WiFi access to both of our respective students.  This will allow Caldwell School District students that live closer in proximity to a Vallivue school to use the Valllivue parking lot WiFi from that school. Likewise, Vallivue students that live closer in proximity to a Caldwell school may use their parking lot WiFi.  If it makes sense for you to utilize WiFi at a Caldwell School District school, please use the following credentials at that school.  Connect to “CSD PLIC” and use the password “caldwell”.    

Elementary Supply Pick up

Thank you to all parents who were able to pick up their child’s school supplies earlier this week.  For those who were unable to make the original distribution date, there are two more times available. Student supplies will be available for the next two Mondays during regular instructional packet distribution hours. We encourage you to come collect your child’s belongings.

Fifth Graders Going to VMS Next Year

If you have a fifth-grader going to VMS next year, be sure to fill out this form to let school counselors know which elective classes they would be interested in taking for the 6th grade. Students going to SVMS are all set.

Device Drop Off

As we near the last week of school (May 18 – 22), we will need any students that have been issued a Vallivue technology device to return them to the building where they received them. We will provide more detailed information for returning the Chromebooks and iPads in the coming weeks.

Please remember to include the charging cables when returning the units to the buildings as this is something that is often overlooked.  Many of the devices returned will be needed for our Summer School program that will begin a week after the end of the regular school session.

Technology Reminders

Please remember that the Vallivue Technology Department is available to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing with applications or devices.  You can reach a technician Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM by calling 208-453-4600 or emailing techhome@vallivue.org.

Visit this document for details for signal strength at each school location. Input the following access information for connectivity for personal devices:

Wireless Name: VSD-HotSpot

Password: homework

Vallivue devices will connect automatically to the parking lot WiFi so there is no need to connect to an access point and provide a password.


District Admin Team

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